Don’t Make a SPLASH – 3 Ways to improve your Balance

As some of you may know I, Spencer, really enjoy being fit and want to help others be healthy and fit so we can continue to enjoy our favorite hobby!  I’ll be posting different articles showcasing things you can easily do so you can keep enjoying being outside.  If you ever want to reach out to me for personal advice or coaching, comment below or hit me up on Facebook!


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DON’T MAKE A SPLASH!  With the many kayaks and paddleboards on the market many of them boast about their stability which is all great and dandy but you need to be able to have some balance in the first place.  If you’re topsy turvy try these 3 moves to improve your balance.

1.Casting practice on one leg.  This sounds easy but may be tricky at first.  Start by standing on one foot and raising the other to a comfortable height. (Half an inch, six inches, whatever works)  Once you have your balance practice making casts.  You can even use a rod rigged with a jig in your backyard if you like.  After six to eight casts switch legs and start cast again.

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2.The one legged squat.  Now this move will also help you tone and build muscle but it will really hone in your balance.  Stand with your feet about hip width apart and stick your right foot out letting the heel touch slightly.  Then stick your butt out and slowly squat down.  Raise your right foot off hold it for fifteen seconds.  Feel free to tap your heel down to help if needed.  After the fifteen seconds repeat with the other leg.  To intensify, get lower into your squat and/or hold it longer.

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3. PRACTICE!!!  Head out on your paddleboard or kayak without any gear besides your PFD and paddle and practice.  Paddle out to a spot of shallow water (something you can stand up in easily) Find a comfortable spot for your feet, usually the widest area you can put them) and stand up.  Holding onto the back of the seat or keeping your knees slightly bent will help you keep your balance.






Spencer Jones is an avid kayak angler and health and fitness enthusiast from Fox Cities in Wisconsin and is passionate about sparking and cultivating new interest to the sport and helping folks be able to enjoy their hobby to the fullest. In 2013 he created the Badger Yakkers where anglers from across Wisconsin share adventures and plan outings. Spencer is a contributing writer for YakAngling Magazine and is the Tournament Media Sponsorship Director for where he helps spread the word about kayak fishing CPR(catch, photo, release) tournaments. In 2015 he started a review series called What's What on the Water: Catch or Release review where he takes a close look at gear used by kayak anglers to see if its a catch or a release. When not exploring new areas he actively participates in kayak fishing forums and brings fledgling yakkers into the fold.

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