A Walk in the Park

Summer is in full force here in Texas, oh wait, it’s still Spring. We’re getting some rain, some purdy flowers, and plenty of bugs to go around. Sometimes I wish Texas had a little different season pattern though. I always say this when it’s hot, and it shouldn’t be this time of year. At least not 90’s hot…it’s still spring! But no, Texas is a bit different. Here’s our seasons in a nutshell….Summer – March through October. Fall – November through Febuary. It will be 60 one day and 95 the next. Of course, those to the Northeast will counter that with..”at least your lake doesn’t have 2 feet of ice on it for 5 months”. Very true, and i’m glad about the year round fishing we have here. I just want a few months of 60-65 degrees, light winds, lows at night dipping into the upper 40’s, partly sunny skies with a 30% chance of scattered showers, mainly over rural areas. Is that too much to ask? 🙂



I really can’t complain.  We’re blessed here with nice weather most the year, and we have cool days mixed with the hot. And it also means i’ll be kayak fishing in a light jacket by the afternoon in January when everyone else is looking at snow.

Even though it’s a hot one this week, last week was actually very nice. 70’s to start the week and got progressively warmer/hotter by the weekend. It was a perfect time to get out and play around the state park for a few hours. The kids were studying for finals, and the wife was at the gym. So I grabbed my gear and ran away.

Of course, I can’t do anything the easy way. I take way more gear than I should as I bushwhack through waist high grass and muddy shorelines. But sometimes in order to get the shot, you don’t have time to change lenses and fiddle around in your camera bag looking for the lens you thought you put in the right pocket, but yet, it’s not there now. When something presents itself, I need to shoot quick and with little time lost. Just the newspaper photographer in me I guess. So I usually bring 2-3 cameras with varying lenses, tripod, and bag. It’s a workout, but works well for me.



It was definitely worth all the trouble.




The lake was looking awesome with recent rains, and the thoughts of kayaking here again, after so many years of drought, started flooding into my head. The TPWD also just released 150,000 fingerling largemouth bass in the lake. That’s going to be nice in a few years if it doesn’t dry up again.

But this night I was only there to try and create something new from a place i’ve been taking pictures at for 20+ years. That’s always the motivation. Get something I haven’t done before. It can be tricky, and very challenging, but that’s what I love about it.




The light kept changing and I was on the move trying to chase it. The colors were becoming more vibrant as each minute passed.




It was an awesome break from the daily grind, and a great opportunity to push myself and explore the same ol’ area, but with fresh eyes and clear mind. I just wish I had more time to do things like this. Just to stop everything around me and enjoy a gorgeous sunset.


Thanks for coming along,


Scott Gartman

Scott Gartman

Scott Gartman is a photographer and filmmaker. He is also an avid fisherman, kayaker, backpacker, and overall outdoorsman. His accolades are too many to list, as with the many streets and towns named after him. He's a legend in his own mind. Check out his home page at www.flyrivermedia.com

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