Playing in the Past

I was trying to find some shots last night for a project and came across these from 2010. The kids and I were out yakkin’ and fishin’ when a storm came up on us. We didn’t want to leave, but it started getting pretty dark and those summertime storms can sometimes bring more than just rain, so we headed back. At that time, the kids were 9 and 7, and we only had 2 kayaks. My daughter really wanted to go…so she hitched a ride with my boy since mine had all the fishing gear in the back. It rained hard on us the last half mile, but was a lot of fun. I was hurrying to get going behind them, but took a very quick shot as they headed off into the rain. A bit blurry, but it came across crystal clear in my mind.  I always thank the Lord for my few talents, and the motivation to always stop and take photos. My memory may get blurry sometimes, but a quick view of photos from days past, brings everything back into focus.


My gosh, they were so little.  Not…going…to…cry. 🙁


Scott Gartman

Scott Gartman

Scott Gartman is a photographer and filmmaker. He is also an avid fisherman, kayaker, backpacker, and overall outdoorsman. His accolades are too many to list, as with the many streets and towns named after him. He's a legend in his own mind. Check out his home page at

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