Arkansas Adventures

For the last two weeks I was down in the ozarks with my wife and in laws for vacation.  My in laws have a nice house in the foothills and is close to the Spring River.  Every time we go down there for vacation I look forward to the trout and smallmouth fishing the Spring River has to offer.  This year was even better because I was able to share it with my father in law!  We found a fly shop called Spring River Flies and Guides on the way to the river and had to stop in during our trip.  His clients cancelled do the rain so he was able to open up just for us.  It was great to meet Mark, the owner, and see him tie and he taught me some tricks.  Plus he gave us some tips on what to throw on the river.  We went to different spots on the river throughout the trip and were able to find some fish.

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The next week I headed out to the west part of the state to fish with a good friend of mine, Tim Hotckin.  We fished Beaver Lake the first night, but sadly no fish wanted to play.  The next morning we hit up the Elk River in Missouri.  Thankfully, the trout were willing to come out and play!

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The day before we drove back I had to hit up the Spring River one more time.  This time, the trout were going crazy and biting any nymph I tossed at them!

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This years trip to Arkansas was a great time!  I was able to introduce my Father-in-Law to the Spring River and fly fishing.  On top of that, we even caught some fish!



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