Smallies on the Fly

Last week I headed back to the river for smallmouth.  I was there just a couple days before fishing it with my Father in Law and had some success with the Doomsday Turtles, but wanted to try it on the fly, hoping to get my first smallie on the fly.  The river was the perfect river for smallies on the fly!  It was wide enough to cast and had enough calm areas to really target them.  With the river crawling with crawfish I decided to tie some up the day before.  It was my first attempt at a crawfish and I could only hope it would work.


The morning was perfect!  A slight breeze, sunny, and warm.  After launching and going through the little rapid, I turned my NuCanoe Pursuit around casted right into the bottom of the rapids.  BAM fish on!


What a treat and blessing to catch a smallie on the first cast.  But then I quickly got worried…was this a curse?!  It took a little over half the float, but the curse was lifted.  After floating down about 3/4 of the trip the wind really picked up and was taking us down river pretty quick.  Although that didn’t stop the fish!





I ended up with 3 smallmouth, the biggest being 16 inches and was a blast to fight on my 5wt glass fly rod!  Plus it was a thrill to catch them on the crawfish I tied the day before.  I am excited to fish this river more often and hone in my river fly fishing skills!



Spencer Jones is an avid kayak angler and health and fitness enthusiast from Fox Cities in Wisconsin and is passionate about sparking and cultivating new interest to the sport and helping folks be able to enjoy their hobby to the fullest. In 2013 he created the Badger Yakkers where anglers from across Wisconsin share adventures and plan outings. Spencer is a contributing writer for YakAngling Magazine and is the Tournament Media Sponsorship Director for where he helps spread the word about kayak fishing CPR(catch, photo, release) tournaments. In 2015 he started a review series called What's What on the Water: Catch or Release review where he takes a close look at gear used by kayak anglers to see if its a catch or a release. When not exploring new areas he actively participates in kayak fishing forums and brings fledgling yakkers into the fold.

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