Perfect way to start the 4th of July.

What a perfect morning.  The sun was just starting to grace us with it’s presence and the thermometer said it was in the mid 60’s.  This was going to be a perfect July 4th morning for introducing one of my friends, Ben, and Father in Law, Myron, to the basics of kayak fishing and to some gorgeous water.  Plus it was the great morning to test out my new kayak, a NuCanoe Pursuit (without my dog riding along).  After meeting up at a gas station and purchased some coffee we headed out to the Chain of Lakes.

We arrived at the launch and started to unload our kayaks and gear.  The launch puts you in a small channel that connects two of the many spring fed lakes.  As we came upon the first lake we were greeted with a light mist coming off the water that was surrounded by tall pine trees.  We started to work the edges and any structure we could find.  Sadly, to no avail.  After fishing for about a half hour on each small lake we proceeded down another channel and into another gorgeous lake.




I decided to downsize my fly a bit and go after some bluegills.  This was great decision because they were going after the yellow and black spider looking gurgler like crazy!  Plus I put a small nymph tied about 8” behind the gurgler.  They were eating it up like candy.


Myron decided to check out some of the other lakes while Ben and I stuck together and tried some other lakes.  Sadly the fish weren’t interested in playing with Ben’s conventional gear so I offered to teach him the basics of fly casting (as I am still extremely new to it) so he could try it and hopefully get rid of the stripe he was wearing.  After a short time practicing he started to cast towards the lily pads.  Within a few casts he really was getting the hang of casting and stripping in the line.  Then just a few casts later he landed his first fish on the fly!


Sadly it was time for us to head back to the launch so we paddled our way through the small lakes and channels and found our way back.  The water was amazingly clear and a comfortable temperature to let your feet hang off the side and relax while fishing.  I believe Ben and Myron had a great time, although Myron got skunked he took some amazing pictures, and it was a perfect start to the 4th of July!




Spencer Jones is an avid kayak angler and health and fitness enthusiast from Fox Cities in Wisconsin and is passionate about sparking and cultivating new interest to the sport and helping folks be able to enjoy their hobby to the fullest. In 2013 he created the Badger Yakkers where anglers from across Wisconsin share adventures and plan outings. Spencer is a contributing writer for YakAngling Magazine and is the Tournament Media Sponsorship Director for where he helps spread the word about kayak fishing CPR(catch, photo, release) tournaments. In 2015 he started a review series called What's What on the Water: Catch or Release review where he takes a close look at gear used by kayak anglers to see if its a catch or a release. When not exploring new areas he actively participates in kayak fishing forums and brings fledgling yakkers into the fold.

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