ASTRAL LoYak Review

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Many kayak anglers, including myself for a long time, paddle with nothing on their feet.  Now although this help us not get a crazy tan line it didn’t help when we were launching or landing on a slippery dock or if we turtled and stood up on shells or other hard, sharp objects.  Covering and protecting your feet is just as important as making sure the rest of your body is protected from what can damage it.


There are many different styles of footwear we can select from and some protect better than others.  A sandal style that has a heel strap works well and stays on your feet, but sand and pebbles can get between your foot and the bottom of the sandal and become quite annoying.  A shoe style is nice but many take forever to dry and end up smelling worse than last meal you had two weeks ago that you forgot to throw out.  Plus everyone has their own style and comfort level, so what company offers a great shoe, that is comfortable in different styles, dries fast, and doesn’t smell?


I introduce to you ASTRAL footwear.  They carry a wide variety of styles.  Their footwear is well made, very comfortable, dries fast and does not smell!  I am personally a fan of a lower cut shoe that barely feels like anything is there.  The ASTRAL LoYak shoe fit the bill perfectly.  When I first put them on I was happily surprised at how light they felt on my feet.  Their first test was an easy one.  I walked on the wood floors in my house.  Unlike other water shoes I have tried in the past these did not slip at all.  I even tried to slide my feet and they wouldn’t go anywhere!  After I wore the shoes out and about the town, paddling, fishing, they still do not slide.  The only time I had any issues with them was when I was launching on a wood dock that was underwater and had some slime on it.  Then I slipped a little but as soon as I was on concrete they were fine.  The LoYak shoes dried pretty fast as well.  After wearing them in and out of the water on multiple occasions I placed them on the floor of my garage and they were dry by the next day.  Even after wearing them many times they did not smell at all.  Plus the shoes have drainage holes in the front and back.  The holes are built in a way that it does not allow sand or pebbles to get in.


The LoYak shoes range from $60-80 depending on if you can find them on sale.  I have been searching for a good pair of water shoes for many years and believe I finally found a pair that fits exactly what I’m looking for.  One that is well made, flexible, lightweight, comfortable, dries fast, and doesn’t smell.  If you are in the market for a good pair or water shoes, the ASTRAL LoYak shoes should definitely be on your short list!  In my book, they are a CATCH!




Spencer Jones is an avid kayak angler and health and fitness enthusiast from Fox Cities in Wisconsin and is passionate about sparking and cultivating new interest to the sport and helping folks be able to enjoy their hobby to the fullest. In 2013 he created the Badger Yakkers where anglers from across Wisconsin share adventures and plan outings. Spencer is a contributing writer for YakAngling Magazine and is the Tournament Media Sponsorship Director for where he helps spread the word about kayak fishing CPR(catch, photo, release) tournaments. In 2015 he started a review series called What's What on the Water: Catch or Release review where he takes a close look at gear used by kayak anglers to see if its a catch or a release. When not exploring new areas he actively participates in kayak fishing forums and brings fledgling yakkers into the fold.

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